How to arrange an appointment

If you have medical insurance, contact your insurer to obtain a pre-approval code.

Contact me by telephone or e-mail to arrange the appointment. If I am not able to take the calls then please leave a message with your contact details and I will respond at the earliest opportunity.

Appointments are available during weekdays from 1730 and on Saturdays from 800 to 1300 . This can however be arranged flexibly at a mutually convenient time.  Please clarify if any special arrangements need to be made for the appointment like a wheel chair friendly room etc.

The first Appointment

The first appointment is usually for an assessment. It’s always an hour long and used to gain an understanding of the clients symptoms and other relevant problems contributing to his/her illness. It involves a talk around symptoms, functioning, physical illnesses, medications, family and personal circumstances.  Clients may wish to attend with a carer whose presence and views are always welcome. The assessment will rarely require a physical examination as this is usually covered by the clients General Practitioner. A full assessment is usually completed by the first appointment but rarely requires further appointments if the issues are particularly complex. Relevant investigations such as Blood tests and/or scans may be needed to confirm or rule out certain conditions.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments are usually half an hour long but can also be booked for an hour if needed. A follow-up appointment may be needed to complete the assessment, monitor the client’s progress or to provide further advice if the situation has changed. If medication is prescribed then follow-up appointments are needed to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, to manage any side effects that may occur, and to help decide whether to continue, change or stop treatment. Follow-up appointments are preferably done in clinic or can be arranged over the phone.

Other services

Clients may require talking therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for various conditions such as Depression and Anxiety. This can be arranged.